Remembering Ryan DeAndrea





Ryan was born in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, to Linda Lou
DeAndrea and lived with his mother and family
all his life. He loved fishing, listening
to music, playing his Play Station games,playing
pool, and watching Al Pacino movies. He also
liked playing cards and playing Diablo on the computer.

He went to Heights Terrace Elementary School, and
atended Hazleton Area High School. He loved our dog,
Bella---she was his best friend.

He is survived by his mother, his brother Jimmy, his
sister-in-law, Amanda, and his niece Jocelynn.
He is missed terribly, but will be loved unconditionally forever
and never, ever forgotten!

His green eyes were so soft, his hair thick and brown,
and his complexion creamy white. His laughter was
contagious; his weird sense of humor and his need
for excitement are so missing but not forgotten.

Ryan's life ended tragically. *A broken heart, money,
and guns are what controlled the last few minutes of his life.
And everyone's life has gone on that were involved.*
My goal is to have Ryan's memory live on.

Ryan was cremated and is now in our home.
I want him to rest in peace now and always.
I will never let his memory fade. As long as I live,
he will be remembered.

For Ryan is my baby then, now and forever.
He was the part of my life that completed me.
And this is the hardest lesson anyone has to learn in life,
to live without your child. And I know I can't
live without him. So my heart, love, devotion,and
kisses will always belong to Ryan.

It was always just the three of us; we knew
we could count on each other and loved each other,
Jimmy, Ryan and I. My sons knew I would always be there for them.
It just didn't work out this time; Ryan had a strong will
that particular night.

I will be blowing kisses to heaven every day,
every night, and in between for him to catch!
I pray every morning for God to grant him Eternal Peace.
I want him to rest peacefully till we meet again.

He had a beautiful memorial service at Faith United Church of Christ.

May he rest in eternal sweet peace.

Love Now, A Poem for Ryan Dominic DeAndrea
7-22-82 3-16-05

If I could take all your pain away, I would.
If I could change the outcome, I would.
If I could take your place, I would.
If my love could bring you back, it would.
If I could have been a better mom, I would have.

But could and would are
Never going to change what has happened.
Could and would are never going to
Heal my heart or dry my tears.
Could and would are never going to let me kiss
You, hug you, or say "I love you" again.

If I could change her words to you, I would.
If I could have made her love you, I would have.
If I could make her feel your pain, I would
If I could ask her why, I would
If I could have listened better, I would have.

But could and would are never going to make you come back.
Could and would are never going change what they did to you
Could and would are words that are bittersweet now.

If I could make them see the
Excessive force they demonstrated, I would.
If I could make them feel what you felt, I would
If I could make them see how frightened you were, I would
If I could make them see this was not justified, I would

But could and would are what should keep them awake at night,
Knowing they took your life needlessly,
Because could and would are tearing me apart.

I will love you unconditionally always and forever.
I miss you more and more each passing day, if that is possible.
You will forever be my baby and my son. I love you!

Always, Mom



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